Chapter XI

    1991 – 1992

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Chapter 11
Left to right: RTP, Cosmic Tom Blades, Jeff Wilcox, and Andrew King
Photo by: Kim Simonalle

In 1991, I returned to Southbury from my first year of college in Burlington, VT. I had written a pile of songs about loneliness and alienation. Wah. The same band as the Willy Marbles line-up returned to Pearmain Studios one year later to record the 8 song follow-up, "A Contribution". For obvious reasons, we changed the band name for the second album to Chapter Eleven. Chapter Eleven played several shows around CT throughout 1990-1991. However, the band fizzled when I went back to college in the fall. King, Wilcox & Blades went on to form a short lived group with Pratt called Neverwhere. A few months in, Blades was replaced by Billy Villano on guitar and the band was renamed The Nevertheless. Cosmic Tom went on to play drums for a hardcore band called Brutally Familiar, which was ex-P.O.E. singer Rich Stremme's new band. Ironically, Cosmic Tom was eventually replaced in Brutally Familiar by Jeff Wilcox.




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