1999 – 2003

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Left to right: Tony Alone, RTP, The Chris, and Keller McGuinness
Photo by: Suzanne Shannon

Bradshaw was formed in 1999 by “The Chris” of the band Slept and I. The band was supposed to be based on our recording project called Grasshopper. However, the name and songs were quickly abandoned once all of the members were in place. The Chris and I had been buds as a result of our old bands; the doosies & Slept's constant Bill sharing. We were feeling pigeon-holed as Bass-players in our respective bands and saw Bradshaw as an opportunity for growth and musical expansion. I really wanted to sing again, while The Chris wanted to play guitar. Next to be offered this "growth" opportunity was old pal, and ex-guitarist of the doosies, Keller McGuinness. Keller wanted to play drums for a change. While searching for a bass player, I found myself at Shay's in Harvard Square discussing the situation with a friend. The bartender leaned over and said, "I play guitar, but I'll play bass instead, if that's what you need." Welcome Tony Alone. Bradshaw began writing and soon had enough material to play out, and to start recording our 1st album. The Self-titled, 12 song Debut, was recorded over 2 weekends with Jack Younger @ Basement 247 Studios for approximately $666.00. Bradshaw quickly began playing tons of local shows with the likes of, We're All Gonna Die, Drexel, Favorite Atomic Hero, Buck Dewey Big Band, Crash & Burn, Cracktorch, Rock City Crimewave, and Kolya. The band built a loyal following and even managed to do a little touring. Bradshaw continued on with our 2nd album "Tastes Like Burning" also recorded @ Basement247 with Jack Younger in late 2002. Problems began to arrise for the band during the writing of our 3rd record. The band soon found new stress being caused by side-projects and an overall lack of unity regarding the direction of the new material. In February 2003, the band called it quits.




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