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    2018 - Present

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Robotic Hawks
Left to right: Shawn Doherty, RTP, Brian Sturk

In 2017, my children turned five and six and life started to feel a little easier. I decided to stop ignoring that little voice that said, start a new band. I went to Craigslist to find a drummer. I spoke with a couple of people that were interested, but they didn’t live anywhere near me in NH. Within a few weeks, I was contacted by Brian Sturk who magically lived in my town within five minutes of my home! Brian and I met and….we clicked immediately. We were totally aligned in our mission to create an original rock band based in pop and dependent on sweaty, athletic, bar band energy. We had similar luck with our Craigslist post seeking a guitarist. I think we met with one guy, but the second guy was ‘the guy’, Shawn Doherty from Northern, MA. Brian and Shawn quickly bonded over ‘computer stuff’, but more importantly, I found two guys that were willing to cover songs by Rick Springfield, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Bellamy Brothers.

We spent the next year and a half writing and rehearsing in our Nashua, NH practice space tucked within an old factory building. In August of 2019, we entered Watch City Studios in Waltham, MA to work with my trusted rock n’ roll ally of close to 20 years, Jack Younger. Our debut, ‘Rock N’ Roll Relapse’ was completed in January of 2020. To help get the word out, Damien Pratt created a music video for ‘Go-Video’ and Rhode Island videographer, Brett Davey made a music video for ‘Crossing The Line’. We pressed 100 copies of ‘RNRR’ to vinyl and then began playing shows in and around Boston and NH to promote……and Yeah, then, the rona.

Like many bands, Covid stopped us in our tracks, but we somehow managed to write around eight songs during the year long separation. We had hoped to find a workflow that would allow us to begin recording these songs while apart, however, it just wasn’t living up to our expectations for raw energy on ‘tape’.

In May of 2021, Robotic Hawks resumed full practices and rolled out the first in a series of five planned ‘singles’ featuring one original and one cover. Andrew King jumped in to produce, mix and master the songs. We began working with Publi*sist – Public Relations for promotion and outreach. Over the course of our promotional campaigns, we have been featured on many radio shows and received a ton of positive feedback.

Robotic Hawks have finally returned to playing LIVE and can be seen in the Boston and New Hampshire areas. Come out and see us!




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