Silent Service

    (member from) 2005 – 2009

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Silent Service
Left to right: David Fernandez, Christopher Lambert, RTP, Shaun Dempsey
Photo by: Bill Wadman 2009

Silent Service was originally formed as a 3-piece rock outfit in 2004 by Dave Fernandez – Vocals/Guitar, James Mello – Drums & Shaun Dempsey - Bass. One year in, I answered a craigslist ad and was quickly hired as bassist, allowing original bassist, Shaun to move over to lead guitar. Within the next year, Mello would move to NYC with his main band, Appomattox. We then spent another year trying to write new material while plowing through 10 different drummers. When we finally stockpiled enough material to record, we brought in session drummer Ben Hedlund to help us. We spent October 2007 – May 2009 making “The Denby Elks”. During that time we found a permanent drummer in Christopher Lambert. We played some great shows in Boston and NYC. With the record finally complete and ready to promote....the band broke up due to "internal issues".




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