Sleepy Turbine

    Oct-March – 2004


Sleepy Turbine
Artwork by: Ian Adams

Some bands were breaking up. Some of the fragments filled their abundant practice time by drinking some beer together and playing music. Then they needed to stop. This band was a complete failure.  My hope was to return to singing and to help my friend Jim enjoy playing music again.  As for the other folks, I missed being in a band with Phil and Christian and I had always wanted to work with Joe. We were only together for about 5 or 6 months, but it became clear that our best intentions were not enough.  Wrong time, wrong idea and the wrong combination of personalities.

RTP – Vocals
Jim Zavadoski – Guitar
Christian Cundari – Guitar
Joe Keinberger – Bass
Phil Ouellette – Drum

This was the email war sent the day after the band broke up...... March 30th, 2004.


RTP: - "I won't bring it up forever. However, I really don't think you realize how frustrating this experience was for me, and just how crazy you really are. You bitched and moaned the entire time until you got the upper hand.

You said,

  1. "I need to play with Kier, HE needs to be in this project."
  2. "Yeah, Covers are a great idea"
  3. "No, I don't want to play covers"
  4. "I don't know what you want Tyler"
  5. "I can't write that way"
  6. "I need direction"
  7. "You need to write lyrics before the song is done"
  8. "You need to be singing melodies over the guitar parts I'm making up, on the spot…."
  9. "Christian isn't helping"
  10. "Joe is a cluncky player"
  11. "Phillip should write all our songs"
  12. "I don't think this song, or that song is impressive enough…..oh ya, but I haven't written anything I like better anyway."
  13. "Let's stop practice because that one note you're singing in this completely unwritten song doesn't sound right."
  14. "I don't think this is your key"
  15. "Christian, let me buy this guitar"
  16. "I should take a guitar home…."(OK Jim, Take My Guitar Home!)
  17. "Nah, I don't feel like it tonight"
  18. "I can't decide on anything right now."
  19. "Let's Change THIS."
  20. "I don't like that."
  21. "So, I think we should write a song on our own, Tyler. I don't think the guys like my ideas."
  22. "Good song Tyler! Great Job on the chorus! I hope they like this!"
  23. "Wow, They DO like it.!
  24. "Although,….today I'm not feeling it. It's not really that good."
  25. "Thanks for allowing me to strong arm our entire process Pollard."
  26. "However, it's practice. That's the problem. I drink too much because of practice."
  27. "Although you've done everything in your power to make sure that I'm playing music that I'm proud of, on MY terms, I don't think this is working."
  28. "We gave it a shot."
  29. "I'm gonna continue to play with my two worst influences, Keller & Zeph."
……That's All I'm gonna say Jim.

Jim:– "Oh, I'm aware of it, and I'm sure you'll be reminding me of my failure for a long time to come."

RTP:– "Glad you're aware of it."

Jim:– "Zing! Dude, whatever, man, I joined YOUR band, remember? It became my band after I started trying to ruin it!"




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