Willy Marbles & The Pleasantly Annoying Thorns


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Willy Marbles & The Pleasantly Annoying Thorns
Left to right: Jeff Wilcox, RTP, Cosmic Tom Blades and Andrew King
Photo by: Jill Zelen

In 1990, M.F.P. went on an unspecified hiatus. I decided to make my first forray into songwriting. I recruited guitarist Cosmic Tom Blades from my favorite local band, P.O.E. (Process Of Elimination) to help me flush out some song ideas. Blades found himself drawn to the appeal of pop writing and vocal harmony and departed from his band shortly after the rehearsals began. M.F.P. cohort, Andy King was brought in on bass as well as his friend Jeff Wilcox on drums. I came up with the stupidest band name ever, Willy Marbles and the Pleasantly Annoying Thorns. The 8 song debut "Image Is Everything" was recorded at Pearmain Studios by Guy Lamachia. We played a few local shows in and around Southbury, CT until I departed for college.




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