Billy Brown

Best of Tragedies - 2007


Artwork by: Emily Flake


Produced by Billy Brown and Shawn Harris. Recorded at a bunch of places. I know we were at New Alliance in Boston for some of it. And some basements and practice spaces. There was this cool production studio in LA where we tracked all the acoustic guitar and vocals. I should remember the name of that place. Anyway, Vanessa Harris engineered that stuff. Then we mixed it with Nathan Bice at a studio he owned that I'm gonna call "Tried and True" and hope I'm right. It was a decade ago and I keep piss poor notes. I hope that I properly credited all the musicians. Thanks to all involved. I love you all.

This record is dedicated to the memory of William J. Brown

+ Pollard-Bass on 'The Space' and 'Catastrophe'

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