The Damien Pratt

The Mayor Of Woodside - Part One


  1. I've Arrived
  2. the Mayor Of Woodside (part one)
  3. New Hope For City Dwellers*
  4. How To Love A Bottomless Pit
  5. PO Box +
  6. The Great Flood of 2023
  7. The Fantastic
  8. Jen & Dave are having a baby
  9. I sing the body acoustic +
  10. Shutterbug
  11. Golden Throat
  12. You'd Say

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cover art by: Damien Pratt


All songs written and performed by Damien Pratt
* written with Jeannie Fry
+ written with Pollard

Bill Villano played pedal steel on "PO Box"
Pollard-Bass on "PO Box" and "I Sing the Body Acoustic"
Jeannie Fry sang on "New Hope"

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