The Lone Oak Boys


  1. Cigarettes & Snow
  2. Cry These Tears Away
  3. My Heart Was Made for You
  4. I Got You With Me
  5. I'll Follow The sun
  6. Missy
  7. Moonlight
  8. That Kinda Sky
  9. Dead Skunk
  10. The Day Before, The Day After
  11. Vic's Tune
  12. You Got It Lucky 

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cover art by:  Phillip Ouellette


All songs (c) The Lone Oak Boys - All Songs by Phillip Ouellette except: "Ill Follow The Sun" The Beatles, "Dead Skink" by Loudon Wainwright III; "Missy" by Dennis Ouellette.

Recorded and Mixed by Jack Younger @ Basement 247 Studios, Allston, MA;
Recorded Summer 2006. Assisted by Joe Streeter.
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance, Boston, MA

Phillip Ouellette: Lead & backing vocals, rhythm acoustic, percussion
Dennis Ouellette - Lead acoustic, backing vocals
Jake Leckie - Upright bass, keys on "my heart"
Jeremy Eagle - Drums, percussion
Tyler Pollard - Harmonica, backing vocals
Jack Younger - backing vocals
Ethan Kreitzer - Keys on "my heart"
Rick Dillon - Mandolin on "Vi's Tune"

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