Guy Trapped In a Situation - 1998


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1. 321 Contact
2. Somebody Please Nuke Arlington, MA
3. Rinse Labrador
4. Another Ride
5. Bring Back GKW
6. Apollo
7. At The Tip Of Style Is The Stigma
8. Radio Deth Gear
9. I H8 The Dead
10. The Idea of Mary Chapman

cover art by: Phillip Ouellette


Slept is Aaron L. Sarlo, The Chris and Phillip R. Ouellette
all songs (c) 1998 let's rip off some more music (BMI)

produced by Darron Burke & slept
engineered by Darron Burke
assistant engineering by John Harris & Kevin Mika
mastering, additional recording, mixing, and post production kerschnackel by Dave Ackerman

Sidney Leung played piano on "apollo"
additional vocals on this recording were:
Darron Burke and Helen Ackerman

+ Pollard-Backing vocals on track 3. "Rinse Labrador"

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