Songs For The Young And Staunchy - 1994

  1. Brisky
  2. Nervous Ticks
  3. Complaint Box
  4. Teenagers For Christ
  5. Married Life/Rolling Rock
  6. Hush
  7. Court Jester II
  8. Abbie
  9. Love Will Keep Us Together (by Captain & Tennille)
  10. Rotten Loser
  11. Filthy Room Blues
  12. R.I.F.
  13. Night Stress
  14. Dirty Home Blues
  15. Trust In Me

cover by: RTP


4-Track Recording - (Recorded Oct-Nov 1994)
73 Westland Ave
Boston, MA

(c) All songs by Marbles Music

Brandon Sullivan guitar on "Brisky"
Jen Barron clarinet on "Rolling Rock"
Andy King/Kathy Cognato vocals on "Love Will Keep Us Together"

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